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How 3D Body Scanning Technology Has Simplified Virtual Garments Shopping

For scanning and measurement of human body, 3D body measurement techniques are widely used and have been proven as the most efficient technique for body measurement in different industries since past years. With combination of computer-aided design tools and software solutions, it has brought many boons for fashion and apparel industry.

When it comes to virtual shopping then it is easy way for customers to try-on their selected garments in virtual dressing rooms and preview fitting and appearance. This is possible by personalized avatars so that you can get the best virtual shopping experience possible. As most of the people don't identify the right size of their clothing even after trial so this 3D body scanning technologies can be the best option for them.

The 3D body scanner is the most advanced approach to answer all body measurement and body scan needs. It can scan in only 2 seconds with accuracy so it is easy to get exact sizing information. This is available with many features such as point to point measurement in which you can get unlimited measurement by manually selecting any two pints and get the distance between them. You can get this measured distance in any unit such as inch, mm or cm. These can also save you from the frustration of not getting fitting dresses even after wasting a lot of time in trial rooms.

For fashion market, it can become a great and revolutionary appearance to enhance online clothing shopping among people. This 3D visualization technology is also in a great demand in medical and weight loss centers for analyzing weight loss progress.

If you are also looking for this innovative technology then [TC]2 can be the perfect destination for you. This is the largest and world’s first 3D body manufacturer who serves fitness, fashion and medical industry. They offer all the solutions to their customers with the top quality 3D scanners and related devices. They also offer training, maintenance, consultancy, styling advice and installation services to their clients. When it comes to virtual fitting and size matching then these solutions is very beneficial for fashion retail market.

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