Get Relief from Skin Cancer through Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer is one of the rising problems in the world and to treat this disease several treatments have been adopted. MOHS treatment skin cancer Jacksonville FL is the best treatment for Squamous and Basal Cell Carcinoma. There are many things that make this surgery different and effective than other treatments available. Mohs surgery is performed in layers and during this process cancer affected cells are thoroughly examined to remove them completely prior to the repair of skin defect. Therefore, Mohs micrographic surgery is known to have the highest cure rate.

In addition, Mohs surgery can give you immediate relief from pain after the procedure as well as let you recover at a faster rate. The complete surgery is performed employing anaesthetics to reduce the pain during process. After this, a pathologic examination is performed in which surgeons closely examine the condition of cells and if residual tumours are found then second surgical procedure is performed at later date. This therapy is less expensive than any other surgeries or therapies of cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well.

There are a few medical centres that provide effective treatment and care for treating skin cancer. One such centre is Park Avenue Dermatology. Park Avenue Dermatology is a reliable health clinic that offers you Best Dermatologist In Florida at highly competitive prices. Their skilled and qualified staff of dermatologists offers you peerless care and the best medicine to cure your cause. At Park Avenue Dermatology, you can avail complete dermatology care, skin cancer treatment and also cosmetic services.

In addition to this, Park Avenue Dermatology offer treatments for acne, rosacea and other skin conditions. Further, they check and validate your details electronically prior to your consultation so that you can take advice from physicians without any hassle.

Initiated by Dr. George Schmieder who is an expert and certified dermatologist in Jacksonville FL, Park Avenue Dermatology proffers you top class services to heal your skin causing cancer and several other skin related problems including acne and eczema.

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