3D Body Scanning Technologies: Designing Perfect Fitting Attires: Revision

Today, every individual wants his/her clothing to be of perfect fitting. Hence for the common good of exquisite styling for every individual, 3D body measurement technology proved quite resourceful. A few decades back it was a challenge for designers to design skin fit apparels for their clients. But with the evolution of this 3D body scanning technologies, it becomes very easy to design proper fitting apparels.

There are numerous advantages of using the 3D body measurement technology, and few of them are:

  • For online retailers, it becomes very easy to deliver the apparel to their customer without any flaw with the aid of 3D scanning technology. With this technology, 3D avatars can be formed and with the help of this clients can try various apparels available on the website.

  • With 3D body scanner it is possible to get an accurate measurement of the body virtually without even touching the person.

  • Through pixelization in 3 D scanning system, it becomes quite simple to design graphically in various different patterns virtually before crafting them on your attire.

  • This technology also simplified the job of designers by introducing the pattern software grading. You can simply generate different patterns with aid from this software.

Additionally, this technology is also being used in the fitness industry and in the medical field as well. Numerous renowned gyms and fitness clubs use this 3D measurement technique so that they can calculate the fat percentage of the client’s body. It also highlights whatever changes are needed to acquire the perfect body shape. There are a few reliable 3D scanning tools innovators and manufacturing giants like [TC]2 that offer amazing 3D body scanners. [TC]2is the leading supplier of 3D technology systems and software solutions. Their products are used by around 150 apparel brands worldwide and are also used for improvement in fitting by many retailers. Besides this, they also offer styling advice to their clients and consultation services.

About [TC]2:

[TC]2 is well known in the fashion industry as they offer the most amazing 3D body measurement and 3D visualization machines. They also provide you the products such as a mobile scanner, pattern software, 3D body scanner, ImageTwin mirror, etc.

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