Free Quilling Patterns and Designs

imageQuilling Kits and PatternsThis page contains many links to free quilling patterns and Asics GelNoosa TRI9 designs sorted into different categories. I am including instructions for making the basic shapes the building blocks of quilling in case you are new to the craft. I am also featuring some delightful craft kits to purchase. These are not free, but they do include the papers you need to make the items. They will also give ideas for the more experienced quillers.

Quilling is a delightful craft which involves taking strips of paper and rolling them around a "quill" (which can be a a specially purchased tool or even just a toothpick). These paper spirals are then removed from the quill, ASICS GT2001 glued and squeezed to make different shapes which are then combined to make pictures or patterns.

This is one of those crafts which can cost you next to nothing, especially if you cut your own paper strips. Paper is very cheap and you could even use recycled paper from envelopes or advertizing brochures etc. My favorite way to do this is with a paper trimmer or Asics gelquantum 363 SHIFT a craft knife, ruler, and self healing mat. That way you can choose the exact colors you want. But you will need to make sure that the strips are all exactly the same width. I once had the "bright" idea of using a paper shredder, but the strips mine cut had furry edges and they were a bit too wide. Buying pre cut paper will give you more time to get on the quilling and there are so many color Puma Suede X Staple choices on offer. You can even buy the strips in different widths.