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  • M70003 Mid Android Tablet Personal Computer A.k.a. Iped 1

    Samsung is gunning for another out of this world Galaxy series smartphone release, rumored for a February 20-16 reveal is the Samsung Galaxy S-7. According to GSMArena (Dec 29.), the seventh episode to Samsung's Galaxy S line up could get to three sizes including a primary 5.2-inch Galaxy s 7, a ...

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  • BLACKBERRY PEARL Related Articles

    The present age is age the smart devices and the tablets. The Android devices have were able to give a unique group of personality to them. They have a user-friendly interface along with the cheaper apps and the overall game development service. Android tablets have made the applications availabl...

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  • Phones

    HTC did it. The business's new flagship smartphone, the 10 (yes, that's the name, no, I can't stand it either), is a credible contender for Android greatness. I've spent a little over a week deploying it as my daily drivers, even though the name still irks the hell out of me, these devices itself...

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  • Pokémon GO Sparks Accidental Fitness Trend

    Pokémon GO Sparks Accidental Fitness Trend

    Many of the latest flagship smartphones can cost upwards of S$1,000. Unless you feel just like paying that top quality, there's great value to be found in mid-range mainstream smartphones, many of While other reviews might say that the new Evo 3D generally is and figuratively providing them with...

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  • Android Os Devices Articles

    Android Os Devices Articles

    FRANKFURT/HELSINKI Nokia smartphones are poised for a return after former managers at the Finnish company licensed the handset brand from Microsoft and struck up partnerships with Yahoo and phone manufacturer Foxconn. Certainly, the future of Verizon Wireless lies in the hands of the Droid. Both...

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  • Google Play Makes It Easier To Test Android Apps

    On Saturday, Best Buy told us that they still haven't received the Gear VR. It's early December-the time when Samsung maintained it'd launch the Gear VR virtual-reality headset for use with the Galaxy Note 4. It was initially scheduled to be released during the 4th quarter (several considered Nov...

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  • 10 Top Yahoo Play Alternative App Stores

    Only interested in Android smartphones? If so, our best Android mobile phone round-up has all the most notable handsets all in a single place. Your next mobile is on this list. A cell phone tester is somebody who gets to test out mobile phones, mobile phone applications and new features on mobil...

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  • Compact ANDROID OS 7" Touch Screen Wifi Mid Tablet Netbook Umpc

    Samsung is set-to re lease a few new mobile devices in April, all sport characteristics that focus on wellbeing and fitness. The Samsung Galaxy s 5, Supplies 2, Supplies 2 Neo and Supplies Burst are the to begin their kind to function integrated heart fee screens. Some manufacturers were quick t...

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  • Google Plans To Combine Chrome OS And Android

    Samsung Android phones are in very high demand, therefore whether it is a s 5 or S6, it's going to go fast specially given that the S-7 will be out some time in mid March. Only after Samsung' s unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S-7 on Sunday, February 21, 20-16 with news of matching mobile attribut...

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  • Windows Mobile? No App WITH THE

    Currently available for about Rs 19,000, the Sony Xperia C comes with a 2330 mAh power supply that claims to provide 10 hours of talktime on both 2G and 3G networks. Besides, the phone thought to have 588 hours and 605 time of standby time on 2G and 3G systems respectively. Quite powerful in its...

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