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    Samsung unveiled its eagerly awaited Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at its pre-function Sunday evening at the Cell Planet Congress. Mark Zuckerberg surprised the group with the presentation and walked out onto the phase. It's a world of connectivity, and Samsung upped its sport with Zuckerberg. U....

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    20 hours ago

  • Which Should Be YOUR DECISION? Google Helper Vs Apple Siri Vs Microsoft Cortana Vs Amazon

    Do you know that fifty percent of the iOS programs are never downloaded and a quarter of all downloaded apps are used only once? After investing a huge selection of work time and money, the last thing you'll want is to create a mobile app no-one will ever see, use and zero ROI for you. In all ho...

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  • The Best Of Motorola Cell Phones

    Built with a 12.3-megapixel camera , Yahoo claims these to notched the highest-ever ranking for a phone ever before on the DxOMark test, with a score of 89 (If you're keeping credit score, the iPhone 7 was graded an 86 , while the iPhone 7 Plus has not been evaluated yet.) Software business lead ...

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    5 days ago

  • Samsung Galaxy XCover

    On Saturday, Bestbuy told us this week that they nevertheless have not received the Gear VR. It's early December-the time when Samsung maintained it'd release the Gear VR virtual reality headset for use with the Galaxy Notice 4. It was initially scheduled to be launched throughout the 4th quarter...

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    7 days ago

  • How Cell Phones Make Your Life Easier

    I am an Android lover. This HubPages profile can be described as a prosaic ode to Android. I will write about various Android cell phones made by builders like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola etc. Here you'll also find many new and old, popular and lesser known iphone app reviews and game explanatio...

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    9 days ago

  • Ways To Change Companies While MAINTAINING YOUR Phone

    The Nougat operating system updates will start in South Korea and grow abroad, including the United States, in the foreseeable future. Yahoo says it's challenging to fully protect user privacy and still supply the AI services it includes, however, many security experts and Apple claim that Googl...

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    15 days ago

  • LG's Watch Style BEGINS At $249

    BlackBerry is actually hoping the new mobile is a hit, as sales continue to fall. Earnings for the one fourth closing in August was a unsatisfactory $490 million, a bit more than half of what it was this time in 2014. However, the business still got enough cash to buy Good Technology previously t...

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    Iphone 5s smartphone was launched in September 2013. iPhone 7 is supercharged by the most effective chip ever in a smartphone. It's not simply faster than any previous iPhone - it is also more efficient. That's because the A10 Fusion chip uses an all-new architecture that allows faster processing...

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  • All The Features I'm Still Getting Used To WITHIN THE IPhone X

    Compared with the prior Apple products, the new iPhone 7 brings seven main changes, including jet black color, headphone jack, water-resistant, home button, dual cameras, new CPU and longer battery endurance. Rated 5 out of 5 by Big Mac from Cows with phones Being a farmer I test this case to the...

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  • Gaptequ

    As the single highest selling smartphone in the world, Apple's iPhone is the trend setter in the smartphone market, exactly like their iconic MacBook laptop and iMac all-in-one desktop systems have been settings trends in the computer market, for more than a decade now. After you swipe up from un...

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