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  • If You Miss One Payday You're Out Of Business

    The benefits are great if you can get it right. You can be your own boss working with a variety of clients with more say in what you do and when you do it. You will get great satisfaction that you would working for anyone else although there is far less security. In the long run working for yours...

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  • Independent Consulting - Applying The 80/20 Principle To Your Business

    The scene could have been very different without a professional Online accountant and an outstanding team of accountants. The client could have prepared the returns with incomplete record keeping and the auditors would have held him liable for every mistake. Each taxing authority had the right to...

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  • Bookkeeping Rate For Quality Work

    Next, you need a clear way of communicating this policy to your clients. An excellent way to do this is to incorporate this policy into your handbook that you review with your prospective client. It's not enough to hand them your book. You should also verbally go over it with them. Start netwo...

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  • How Outsourced Bookkeeping Help Businesses

    If you have found qualified people, you don't have to teach them how to perform their assigned tasks. They already know how to do that. Tell them about your business - what you do, who your clients/customers are, your business philosophy. Tell them any unique characteristics about your business, ...

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  • Make Money With Your Wordpress Blog And Wishlist

    Now last year my business grossed about $700,000.00 so my accountant had her work cut out for her, I did what I could to help make her job easier but in my opinion she handles the lions share of the work. She charges me about $500.00 to do all my end of business tax prep stuff, and $26.00 per pay...

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  • Put Your Business On A Fitness Plan That Will Increase Your Profits

    To improve your local rankings it's all about getting your foundations right, then building citations and getting customer reviews. It can be a rocky road at times but persevere with it and the rewards can be generous. Technology has a habit of altering industries and accounting is no exceptio...

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  • Starting A New Business - 5 Fundamentals For Success

    We believe that everyone should take advantage of their natural skills and talents, and a strategic business person will get help with the rest. At every step of building a team, you want someone on your team with complementary skills - a yin to your yang. And that's what we've done. After painfu...

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