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There are all kinds of cloud storage services out there, but most of them only come with general plans and they are not full cloud backup solutions. Hopefully you've not yet had the experience of telling an important client that the video from their once-in-a-lifetime event was lost forever when your hard drive crashed, but the older your hardware gets and the more data gets squeezed onto a drive there will inevitably come a time when a drive finally bites the dust.

Choose the desired types of files you wish to restore and click Restore. Choose to either put your files back where they were or to restore them to a folder of your choosing. You can also use Windows Backup to save a system image, which creates a backup of your entire hard drive, including your files and any applications you have installed.

Now that you've got that file back, it's time to make sure you never have to worry about losing files again. Arq gives you the same settings as most other backup apps: you can back up everything, save versions of files, and add your own encryption key. Even if you never turned on backups for your Windows computer, you still might be able to restore recently deleted files.

Here's how to effectively organize your files and folders so you can find stuff on your computer whenever you need it. Backblaze is one of the easiest to set up, and is the backup app that both Wirecutter and Sweet Setup recommend. If you get a new computer, you'll need to install your programs and set your preferences manually, and then copy the files back from the backup.

This is one of the most important pieces in a solid backup workflow, and the reason for using redundant drives-if you're in a car accident, your office burns down, or some other catastrophe occurs, you still have another copy of the original files on your redundant drive.

Mac users can easily set up the built in Time Machine feature to back up to an external drive, and there are similar services for PC users. The simplest way to back up Dropbox—or any other file-sync service—is to install its app and let it sync all the files to your computer.

One drawback to online backup services is that the initial backup can be very slow—it may take days, weeks, or even longer to upload all of your files. I have one external 1.5T that I use solely as a backup of all my files. Carbonite is a solid "set it and forget it" option, but other services such as IDrive, SOS Online Backup, and Acronis True Image are more capable.

I don't expect other online services to be much better than this. CARBONITE COMPUTER automatically and continuously protects business data in the cloud. Because your info is now safely in the Cloud, you can access those files from anywhere on any computer. Its Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) now uses Amazon and Google public clouds as targets.

There are better ways to backup Outlook PST files. Go to , select the files and folders you want to back up, then click the Download button in the right sidebar or in the drop-down menu on folders and files. Your restore with Carbonite will be based on the amount of data you have selected to restore and the speed of your internet.

Macs come with a built-in backup tool, Time Machine , that saves both a full backup of your computer and previous versions of your files. The service is free and can save you a ton of time and bandwidth. Well turns out Carbonite Support wont backup files that are not on your computers hard drive.

Fortunately, most of the data was also located on other drives, so I was able to recover it. Lessons learned: 1) only copy small amounts of data in Windows, then check to see if the files were actually copied; 2) always make sure you have another copy on a different HD.

Keep in mind that an external hard drive is subject to the same risks as your computer, including fire, theft, and accidental damage. There's only one problem with most of these exports: most of the time, you only get one type of data from the app. Carbonite, one of the popular providers of backup services for consumers and small businesses, today agreed to acquire EVault for $14 million from disk drive vendor Seagate.